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This is a nice little plugin for easily adding auto-complete functionality to form fields. All it looks for is a datasource formatted as JSON. I’ve put an example here using PHP to access a dinosaur name database returning the previously stored values. http://hwid.local/coding/autocomplete/ The project site is here: jQuery Code: [sourcecode lang=”javascript”](function($) { $(function() […]

It’s always worth looking up a function that you may be using heavily to see if there’s a faster way to call it. For example, getting and setting variables using the data() function within jQuery can vary greatly depending on how you call it. Here’s a site that compares the speed differences in various browsers: […]

Have a large .js file that you’d like to bring down to size? Check out the Google-hosted Closure compiler: It let’s you specify some basic rules for the compression as well as creates the actual resulting .js file if you don’t want to bother with copy/paste for the results.